Our fleet

Our fleet consists of buses designed to give passengers a high level of comfort, where every detail has been created with your comfort and safety, highlighting the inside by the feeling of comfort.

The interior equipment includes:

  • Reclining seats with folding armrests and padded heads.
  • DVD player and stereo, radio and CD.
  • PA system for the guide and driver.
  • Different levels of interior lighting with individual reading lights.
    Constant indoor air temperature and always clean and renovated thanks to the built-in air conditioning.
  • Fridge to keep cold drinks always.
  • Interior hand luggage porters and double glass to improve both environmental and acoustic comfort.

With respect to security:

  • Coach Hire.
  • Anti roll bars that reinforce the structure of the vehicle in case of accident.
  • Cruise.
  • Slip ASR system that prevents the loss of traction.
  • DLD ABS.
  • Safety valve in case of fire for the engine and shuts off the fuel supply.
  • Hydraulic Retarder programmable allowing prolonged decline ports mountain with confidence that the vehicle will not at any time exceed the set speed.
  • Stabilizer bars.
  • Emergency exits.
  • Extinguishers.
  • Emergency opening of doors, emergency hammers located next to the windows to break moons emergency, non-slip aisle and first aid kit.