0,0 BUS

The hiring of coaches and minibuses is the best solution to get out with friends and not worry about the car. Thinking of all those who have planned to meet with a group of friends or family for dinner, take or what you want, and you are unwilling to have the limitations associated with having to take the car to go home, we’ve created the service door to door 0,0 BUS, because the wheel 0,0% alcohol.

You only have to tell us where you want to collect and where you want to go, we take care of driving so that your only concern is to enjoy yours a pleasant evening.

The bus will collect you to take you to dinner, drinks, theater, movies, wedding, concert or where we tell, so do not be to take the car and once completed we leave at home.

This service is designed for a maximum of 8 hours and a total length not exceeding 150 km. So it is valid whether you want to move by Madrid capital as if you’re going to do around.

Buses have adapted to the needs of passengers completely. Therefore, depending on the number of passengers minibuses you can choose between 15, 18 or 20 seats, 35 seats microbuses or buses 50 and 54 seats. They also have reclining seats with folding armrests or padded heads for the passenger to travel comfortably. They have refrigerators to keep drinks cold, DVD player, radio, CD, PA system and trunk for luggage. the air conditioning system also allows the temperature in the bus is constant and renewed to provide clean air all the time. In addition, for those who want to use the time reading, studying or working, no individual reading lights.

The bus rental is a great advantage when traveling in a group of people because they can pick you up at the door of your home in the case of microbuses and allow you to forget jams or parking problems. Also, by not having to drive you can take advantage of travel time to chat, read, work or listen to music and also you do not have to worry about the breathalyser tests.

Now you have no excuse to leave the car at home