Bus 50 and 54 seats

Buses designed to give passengers a high level of comfort, where every detail has been created thinking of them in comfort and safety, from the convenience of access to the area of personal comfort of each square, highlighting the inside by the feeling of comfort , spaciousness and elegance that incorporated all vehicles bodybuilder IRIZAR. The interior equipment includes reclining seats with folding armrests and padded headrests, DVD player with dual monitor and stereo , radio and CD player, PA system for the guide and driver, different levels of interior lighting with individual reading lights , temperature always constant and indoor air clean and renewed thanks to the climate system incorporated fridge to keep cold drinks always, interior luggage hand luggage and double aclistalamiento to improve both environmental and acoustic comfort.

Regarding the safety of these vehicles are equipped with bar -overturning that reinforce the structure of the vehicle in case of accident, speed limiter, ASR anti-skid system which prevents loss of traction, anti-lock braking system ABS, safety valve fire protection for the engine and shuts off the fuel supply, programmable hydraulic retarder that allows the lowering of long mountain passes with the assurance that the vehicle will not at any time exceed the set speed, roll bars, emergency exits extinguishers, emergency opening of doors, emergency hammers located next to the windows to break moons emergency , non-slip aisle and first aid kit.